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  • (LC) Error Messages (pH monitor)

    « Error Messages» 8001: PHM: pH sensorerror. (FATAL) The sensor head isnot functioningproperly. →If the error persists, turn off the instrument a... Show Detail

    • No:8533
    • Displayed Date:2022/03/14 14:26
    • Category: pH Monitor
  • (LC) Unstable pH

    Replace the pH electrode. Click here for "(LC) Replacing the pH Electrode". Rinse the pH electrode. Click here for "(LC) Cleaning the pH Electrode". ... Show Detail

    • No:8532
    • Displayed Date:2022/03/14 14:07
    • Category: pH Monitor
    • Brached FAQ
  • (LC) Calibrating the Leak Sensor (pH ...

    1. In the main window of pHM-40 Utility, click the (LeakSensor Calibration) button. The [Leak Sensor Calibration] window will be displayed. In the... Show Detail

    • No:8531
    • Displayed Date:2022/03/14 13:52
    • Category: pH Monitor
  • (LC) Calibrating the Temperature Sens...

    Calibrate the temperature sensor of this instrument. This instrument uses the temperaturesensor connected to a measuring device to detect the temperature of ... Show Detail

    • No:8530
    • Displayed Date:2022/03/14 13:48
    • Category: pH Monitor
  • (LC) When Not Using the Instrument fo...

    When not using the instrument for a long time, turn off the power to the instrumentand then perform the following procedure. • Fill the flow cell with a suf... Show Detail

    • No:8529
    • Displayed Date:2022/03/14 13:37
    • Category: pH Monitor
  • (LC) Disassembling and Cleaning the F...

    If rinsing the inside of the flow cell with purified water as described in "Calibratingthe pH Electrode (through the pHM-40 Utility)"cannot remove contaminan... Show Detail

    • No:8528
    • Displayed Date:2022/03/14 13:32
    • Category: pH Monitor
  • (LC) Cleaning the pH Electrode

    • pH electrode rinse solution, 250 This is a rinse solution for the pHmeasurement electrode. This is used forwashing off contamination from proteinsample... Show Detail

    • No:8527
    • Displayed Date:2022/03/14 13:25
    • Updated DTM:2022/04/14 09:49
    • Category: pH Monitor
  • (LC) Refilling the pH Electrode with ...

    For the internal reference solution for the pH electrode, use the internal referencesolution 300 (3.33 mol/L-KCL solution) NOTE: • The internal ref... Show Detail

    • No:8525
    • Displayed Date:2022/03/14 13:16
    • Updated DTM:2022/04/14 09:52
    • Category: pH Monitor
  • (LC) Replacing the pH Electrode

    Part Number: 080-60002-04 pH Electrode, 9618-10D WARNING: Wear safety goggles and protective gloves during work. Exposing your eye to solvent may re... Show Detail

    • No:8526
    • Displayed Date:2022/03/14 13:14
    • Category: pH Monitor
  • (LC) Calibrating the pH Electrode

    HINT: • When you know that the mobile phase is acid, perform calibration at the two pointspH4 and pH7. When you know that the mobile phase is alkaline, pe... Show Detail

    • No:8481
    • Displayed Date:2022/03/09 13:44
    • Category: pH Monitor
    • Brached FAQ

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