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FAQ within [ Column Oven ]

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  • Maintenance for CTO-40C/S

    Consumable Part No. 228-72570-01 Air filter 1. Remove the filter holder (A) on the right side by pressing its right and left knobs (a). 2. ... Show Detail

    • No:4339
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/03 13:45
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  • No peaks are output

    Check the column using known analytical conditions. If the column has deteriorated, replace it. Confirm whether the solvent delivery pump is functioning pr... Show Detail

    • No:4292
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/03 10:49
    • Brached FAQ
  • The peak shape is abnormal

    Check the column using known analytical conditions. If the column has deteriorated, replace it. Connect the tubing correctly. Backflush the high pressure... Show Detail

    • No:4291
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/03 10:46
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  • Peak retention times vary

    Pump 2-propanol to rinse the check valve. However, if a buffer solution is being used, rinse the check valve with purified water first. Then rinse it by pump... Show Detail

    • No:4290
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/03 10:43
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  • [Ready] status never appears

    Close column oven door. Specify an appropriate column temperature-control temperature. The possible temperature-control range varies depending on the room ... Show Detail

    • No:4286
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/03 10:33
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  • The retention times for target compon...

    Has the column temperature deviated? Check the accuracy of the column oven temperature. If not appropriate, adjust the temperature accuracy. Show Detail

    • No:4266
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/03 09:24
  • An error message is not displayed eve...

    Is the gas sensor or leak sensor sensitivity inadequate? ·Clean the leak sensor. ·Inspect the gas sensor and leak sensor. If it fails, adjust sensitivi... Show Detail

    • No:4253
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/03 09:24
  • Error Code:[0x9411] ERROR DOOR SENSOR

    «Main Cause» The column oven door was left ajar for a long time. «Countermeasure» Make sure the door is securely closed. If it is fully closed, it might be ... Show Detail

    • No:4050
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/02 16:45
  • Error Code:[0x9410] FATAL AUX HEATER

    «Main Cause» The auxiliary heater is not functioning properly. «Countermeasure» Switch the instrument power OFF and contact a Shimadzu sales or service repr... Show Detail

    • No:4049
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/02 16:45
  • Error Code:[0x940F] ERROR WRITE TO CMD

    «Main Cause» Writing to the column management device (CMD) failed. «Countermeasure» Do not disconnect the CMD during an analysis or during writing. If a CMD... Show Detail

    • No:4048
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/02 16:45

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