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(GCMS) Reagent Gas Cylinder Replacement Procedure

(GCMS) Reagent Gas Cylinder Replacement Procedure
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Replace the reagent gas cylinder by following the procedure below. The instrument need not be stopped to perform this procedure.
1. Click [Tuning] on the assistant bar in the [GCMS Real Time Analysis] program window and then click [Peak Monitor View]. The Reagent Gas Control button is displayed at the top left of the window.
2. Click the [Reagent Gas] button to close the valve. You will hear the solenoid valve in the reagent gas control unit operate a few times and the valve will close.
3. Close the reagent gas cylinder stop cock, pressure regulator regulating-valve, and exit open/close valve.
4. Remove the regulator from the reagent gas cylinder.
5. Prepare a new reagent gas cylinder for use, and attach the pressure regulator and reagent gas introduction tube.
6. Make sure that the reagent gas introduction tube is connected to the reagent gas introduction port on the rear of the instrument. This instrument has two gas lines, the upper corresponding to port1 and the lower corresponding to port2.
7. Adjust the reagent gas by following
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