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  • Date of Issue : 2020/12/15 14:45
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(GCMS) Rotary Pump Oil Replacement Procedure (GHD-031)

(GCMS) Rotary Pump Oil Replacement Procedure (GHD-031)
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Part Number: 225-38992-02 OIL,ULVOIL R-2,1L (1L)
0.37L is necessary for each replacement.


CAUTION: Wear safety glasses.
1. The photo on the left shows the names of parts of the rotary pump.
2. Automatically stop the GC/MS.
  Wait until the "system shutdown" message appears.
3. After the system shuts down, wait about 10 minutes.
  CAUTION: Note that, immediately after the system has shut down, the rotary pump oil is hot and might cause burns.
4. After allowing the oil to cool down, open the drain plug to drain the oil.
  CAUTION: Oil may fly out. So, prepare an appropriate tray or plastic bag.
5. When oil stops draining from the drain port, close the drain plug temporarily.
6. Click the [Vacuum Control] icon on the [Real Time] assistant bar.
7. The [Vacuum Control] sub-window is displayed.
  Click the [Advanced >>] button in the [Vacuum Control] sub-window.
8. The manual setting items are displayed at the bottom of the [Vacuum Control] sub-window.
  Click the [Start] button at [Rotary Pump1] in the [Vacuum System] group.
  When a message appears saying "The column may be damaged if you start the vacuum pump while the flow controller is OFF. Do you want to start the pump?", click "Yes".
  In this state, wait for about 5 to 10 seconds.
  CAUTION: Oil mist sometimes exits the exhaust port. If this happens, immediately shut down the system, and proceed to Step 9.
9. Click the [Stop] button.
10. Open the drain plug again to drain any remaining oil.
11. Remove the oil mist filter if it is attached since it will obstruct pouring in of fresh oil.
12. Close the drain plug and remove the oil filler plug.
  Pour in fresh oil within the range of the red circle on the oil gauge (approx. 0.37 L).



13. Close the oil filler plug.



14. Re-attach the oil mist filter if it was removed.



15. Start up the [GCMS Real Time Analysis] program.
  Click [Detail] at the instrument monitor.

32. Click the [Consumable] tab in the [Monitor Settings] sub-window, and click [Reset Consumables].
33. In the [Reset Consumables] sub-window, enter "0" for the time of the newly replaced rotary pump oil.
  Click the [OK] button.

  Click [OK] in the [Monitor Settings] sub-window to close it.


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