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(SALD) Batch Cell, Troubleshooting

(SALD) Batch Cell, Troubleshooting
SALD-BC23: (SALD-2300)
SALD-BC75 (SALD-7500nano)
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• Problem1: Stir does not move.
  Cause1-1: Defect connection of the power cord
  Corrective Action1-1: Check if the power cord is correctly connected.
  Cause1-2: Defect settings of software.
  Corrective Action1-2: Check if the software setting is correct.
    Click here for "(SALD) Check of Sampler Unit"
  Cause1-3: The viscosity of sample is too high.
  Corrective Action1-3: If the viscosity of sample is more than 10mPas, decrease the viscosity.
• Problem2: Photometric data shows abnormalities
  Cause2-1: Bubbles adhering to the cell
  Corrective Action2-1: Clean the cell using the same type of solvent.
  Cause2-2: Soiled cell
  Corrective Action2-2: When testing samples that adhere easily, the cell may get soiled during measurement causing prejudice in data.
    Clean the cell of any soiling.
    Click here for "(SALD) Batch Cell, Cleaning the batch cell".
  Cause2-3: Defect install of the batch cell
  Corrective Action2-3: Insert the batch cell straight to the batch cell holder. (Do not insert strongly.)
    Click here for "(SALD) Batch Cell Install/Operation Method".
  Cause2-4: Defect install of the batch cell holder
  Corrective Action2-4: Install the batch cell holder and lock it correctly.
    Click here for "(SALD) Removing/Installing the Cell Holder".

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