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FAQ within [ Particle Size Analysis ]

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  • (SALD) High-Concentration Measurement Unit, Install/Opera...

    1. Install the hole cover (without hole) to SALD-2300. 2. Attach the blank measurement cell to the high-concentration cell holder. CAUTI... Show Detail

    • No:7459
    • Date of Issue:2021/11/30 13:55
    • Brached FAQ
  • (SALD) Batch Cell, Troubleshooting

    • Problem1:Stir does not move. Cause1-1:Defect connection ofthe power cord Corrective Action1-1: Check if the power cord is correctlyconnected. ... Show Detail

    • No:7450
    • Date of Issue:2021/11/19 11:10
  • (SALD) Batch Cell, Cleaning the batch cell

    The daily maintenance tasks required for the device is cleaning the batch cell. Use the cleaning blush (accessory of SALD, Parts number: 046-00906-82 SWAB,D... Show Detail

    • No:7449
    • Date of Issue:2021/11/19 11:10
  • (SALD) Batch Cell Install/Operation Method

    1. Turn off the power switch of SALD. 2. Install the “hole cover” (without hole) to SALD. 3. Open the door of measuring room, pull off the c... Show Detail

    • No:7448
    • Date of Issue:2021/11/19 11:10
  • (SALD) Check of Sampler Unit

    On the "Diag & Adjust" screen, the following 4 models that can control by PC can do the operation check. • Sampler for SALD-7100: SALD-MS71 • Sampler for S... Show Detail

    • No:7447
    • Date of Issue:2021/11/19 10:22
  • (SALD) Function Checking Method

    The performance check of hardware can be performed on the "Diag & Adjust Screen". If there is problem, contact a Shimadzu sales or service representative.... Show Detail

    • No:7446
    • Date of Issue:2021/11/19 10:12
  • (SALD) Hardware Check

    Before starting to use the analyzer, a hardware check function checks each analyzer function to make sure they all function properly. The hardware checks pr... Show Detail

    • No:7445
    • Date of Issue:2021/11/19 09:58
  • (SALD) Confirmation of Cell Cleaning

    Any soiling of the cell may be detected using [Diagnosis & Adjustment]. When this is selected the screen display. Check that the top left of the graph reads ... Show Detail

    • No:7444
    • Date of Issue:2021/11/18 16:17
  • (SALD) Optical Axis Cannot be Adjusted 

    Cause1:XY-axisadjustment screw remains locked Corrective Action1:Unlock the XY-axis adjustment screw before making adjustments. Cause2:The XY-axis ... Show Detail

    • No:7470
    • Date of Issue:2021/11/18 13:27
  • (SALD) Liquid leaks

    Cause1:Faulty cell assembly Corrective Action1: The flow cell may not be sealed completely.Reassemble a flow cell. Click here for "(SALD) Sampler, Clean... Show Detail

    • No:7469
    • Date of Issue:2021/11/18 13:27

1-10 of Total 31

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