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(SALD) Batch Cell, Cleaning the batch cell

(SALD) Batch Cell, Cleaning the batch cell
SALD-BC23: (SALD-2300)
SALD-BC75 (SALD-7500nano)
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The daily maintenance tasks required for the device is cleaning the batch cell.
Use the cleaning blush (accessory of SALD, Parts number: 046-00906-82  SWAB,D4XL146(50PC)) when you wash the inside of the batch cell.
Wipe the batch cell softly by the lint-free wiping cloth for industrial use when the outside of batch cell is dirty.
  • Do not wipe the surface of the batch cell strongly, when you wash it. It makes scratch on the surface of the batch cell,and prevent accurate measurement.
  • Do not dry the inside of batch cell when the sample liquid is in the batch cell, or it is difficult to remove the particles adhering on the surface of the batch cell.
  • Store the batch cell (glass part only) in the pure water or store the batch cell after washing by alchol or acetone and dry it, if you do not use batch cell for long time.
  • Do not use ultrasonic cleaner whn you wash the batch cell. It causes the batch cell break.

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