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(SALD) Batch Cell Install/Operation Method

(SALD) Batch Cell Install/Operation Method
SALD-BC23: (SALD-2300)
SALD-BC75 (SALD-7500nano)
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1. Turn off the power switch of SALD.

2. Install the “hole cover” (without hole) to SALD.
3. Open the door of measuring room, pull off the cell sliding unit.
4. Install the batch cell holder on to the cell sliding unit, and push down the lock lever.
5. Connect the code to SALD.
  NOTE: Turn off the power switch of SALD when you connect and disconnect the connecting cable.
6. Put the sample liquid into the batch cell. If the sample liquid spilled, clean the batch cell by lint-free wiping cloth for industrial use.
7. Install the batch cell to the batch cell holder, and install the stir slowly into the batch cell not to splash the sample liquid.
8. Push the cell sliding unit in, and close the door of measuring room.
9. Turn on the power switch of SALD-2300.
  Measurement and stir is controlled from PC software “WingSALDII”. (Refer the WingSALDII instruction manual.)
10. After measurement, stop the stir. And then take the stir and batch cell off the batch cell holder, wash and store them.

11. Turn off the power switch of SALD when you disconnect the connecting code.
  • Do not touch the glass part of batch cell when you handle the batch cell.
  • Use a lint-free wiping cloth for industrial use when you clean the surface of the batch cell.
    Lint and small fibers from wiping cloth prevent accurate measurement.
  • Adjust the allinment of optical system when you change the cell.(from batch cell to other cell, or from other cell to batch cell)
  • Pull off the cell sliding unit before you put the sample liquid into the batch cell, or the spilled liquid make optical lens dirty.
  • Do not dry the inside of batch cell when the sample liquid is in the batch cell, or it is difficult to remove the particles adhering on the surface of the batch cell.

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