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(SALD) Check of Sampler Unit

(SALD) Check of Sampler Unit
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On the "Diag & Adjust" screen, the following 4 models that can control by PC can do the operation check.
• Sampler for SALD-7100: SALD-MS71
• Sampler for SALD-2200: SALD-MS22
• Sampler for SALD-2300: SALD-MS23
• Sampler for SALD-7500nano: SALD-MS75
POINT: In the case of SALD-MS71 and SALD-MS22, push the "AUTO" button out of the manual switch in a sampler before performing an operating check, and change into the state where PC control can be performed.
1. Start the WingSALD II launcher, and push [Administrator Setting].
2. Put the check in the sampler control, push [OK].
  NOTE: It differs according to the personal computer that uses it though COM2 is usually set to the communication port.
  POINT: The serial port can be examined in the device manager of Windows.
3. Select the [Measurement]-[Diagnosis & Adjustment...].
4. When the [Sampler Check] is selected, the following display appears.
  This option activates the CPU board ROM check (sum check) and RAM read/write test in the sampler unit and reports the results.
5. When the [Sampler Status] is selected, the following display appears. Do the operation check clicking each button.

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