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  • No : 7101
  • Date of Issue : 2021/10/07 10:22
  • Last Updated : 2022/01/21 15:14
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Sign into PDF Files (LabSolutions DB/CS)


The [DataManager] sub-window allows you to sign PDF files of data acquisition result reports.
This section describes an example of the procedure for signing PDF files by the [Confirm] signature.
1. Perform a filtered search, and display sample information to be signed by the [Confirm] signature (i.e. having the signature status [Unconfirmed] at [Sample Information View].
2.Select a row of sample information to sign, right-click on it, and click [Signature] on the displayed menu.
  • The same operation can be performed by selecting the row of the sample information and clicking (Signature) on the toolbar.
  • You cannot sign when the subject file is being used on other occasions.
3. Check the contents of the data on the PDF file, select the reason to sign, and enter a comment.
  In this stage, [Confirm] for received signature set by default and [Cancel] for unreceived signature are displayed in a list for the current signature status "Unconfirmed." Select [(ACPT)Confirm].
  (1) When [Sign PDF File] in signature policy is selected, a print image is displayed in the analysis result report PDF format in the [Confirm Sign Information] sub-window.
      • The signature is added to the PDF file with an [*] (asterisk) that is displayed on the result file.
      • When adding the signature to a file other than data files, the [Confirm Sign Information] subwindow is not displayed.
  (2) Information of the file selected in [Sample Information View] is displayed.
      Information corresponding to the data file of the selected row is displayed in the [Confirm Sign Information] sub-window.
  (3) Clicking this button withdraws the current signature for all the files displayed in the list of selected files.
    NOTE: [Unsign] of signatures can be executed only by the user that signed the file (i.e. the signer).
  (4) When this is selected, the file will not be signed.
  (5) A list of reasons for signature set in the signature policies that can be executed on the signature status (i.e. request status) currently set to the row of the current sample information is displayed.
  (6) When the [Require comment when signing] checkbox in the signature policies is selected, enter a comment here as a supplementary explanation as to the reason for the signature.
  (7) Click this to sign for the reason set for each row shown in (2).
      When [Sign PDF File] is selected concerning signing data files, signature information is written to PDF files.
4. Check all the data files in the list of selected files and click [OK].
    • When the [Require re-input of password] checkbox is selected, an authentication sub-window is displayed after clicking [OK]. Re-enter the password for the ID of the user who has currently logged in. When the [Require re-input of the user ID] checkbox is selected, re-enter the user ID as well.
    • When the [Require authentication to each data] checkbox is selected, files corresponding to the sample information selected in the [DataManager] sub-window are displayed in the list of selected files one by one. Click [OK] to move to sign the next file.
    • You cannot sign on rows of sample information in the history (former version files).

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