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  • No : 7098
  • Date of Issue : 2021/10/07 09:22
  • Last Updated : 2022/01/21 15:12
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Perform a Filtered Search Using Data Sets (LabSolutions DB/CS)


With the [DataManager] sub-window, efficient data filtering matched to the data acquisition objective can be performed by filtered searches using data sets.
1. Select [Data] in the [File of type] list in the [DataManager] sub-window.

2. Click the [Batch Data Set] tab.

3. Select the [Show Filtering Conditions] checkbox.
  (1) Sets the number of sample information items to display in [Sample Information View].
  (2) Set this when filtering by batch file name.
  (3) Set this when filtering by user name used for data acquisition or postrun analysis.
  (4) Set this when filtering by instrument type, for example, LC, GC, LCMS or GCMS.
  (5) Set this when filtering by instrument name (system name) used for data acquisition.
  (6) Set this when filtering by the No. of a data set.
  (7) Set the date that the data set was registered to the database.
      Select from [Today], [3 days], [One week], [One month] or [From].
  (8) When this checkbox is selected, only data sets obtained by realtime batch (executed in the [Realtime Batch] window or registered to batch queue and executed from the [Batch Editor] window) are displayed.
  (9) The appearance of sample information (i.e. data) displayed in [Sample Information View] changes as follows by selecting/deselecting this checkbox when the [Administrate the version of data files] checkbox is selected in the system policy settings:
      • When it is selected, the latest version sample information in the same data files is displayed and not at the point when it was registered as a data set (batch-processed).
      • When it is deselected, the sample information of the data file at the point when it was registered as a data set is displayed as read-only.
4. After setting the filtering conditions, click [Start].
  The filtered search is started, and the results of filtering are displayed in [Data Set View].
  NOTE: To stop a filtered search, click [Stop]. (During a filtered search, the button display changes from [Start] to [Stop].)

5. In [Data Set View], click the data set to display in [Sample Information View].
  Sample information matching the filtering conditions is displayed in [Sample Information View].

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