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  • No : 7097
  • Date of Issue : 2021/10/07 09:16
  • Last Updated : 2022/01/21 15:12
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View History Information from the Log Browser (LabSolutions DB/CS)


1. Double-click the (Log Browser) icon in the [Administration Tools] sub-window of the [LabSolutions Main] window.
  The [Log Browser] opens with the latest log displayed.

2. Set the filtering conditions in the [Filtering Condition] section, and click [Start].
  The following describes an example of how to display a history of changes made to the system by “User Name SHIMADZU” within the past month.
  (1) Enter “SHIMADZU” in the [User Name] box.
    NOTE: If user name text strings exist from a previous filter operation, the history is displayed with user names that match the entered text strings.
  (2) Select [Specified Period].
  (3) Click [One month].
  (4) Select [System Administration] from the [Log Type] list at the top of the [Log Browser] sub-window.
      • [System Administration], [Application] and [User Authentication] are selectable from the [Log Type] list.
      • For example, when [Audit Trail] is selected from the [Event Type] list in the filtering conditions for a specific [Application Name], the audit trail log of data files or method files, can be viewed in [Log Browser].

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