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  • No : 7096
  • Date of Issue : 2021/10/07 09:11
  • Last Updated : 2022/01/21 15:11
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Release User Lockout (LabSolutions DB/CS)


1. Double-click the [User Administration] folder icon in the [Administration Tools] subwindow of the [LabSolutions Main] window.
2. Double click the (Release User Lockout) icon.
3. Select the user to be released, and click [Release].
  The selected locked out user is released, and can now re-enter the software.
4. Click [Close].
  • To release multiple locked out users, select the users, either with the [Ctrl] key held down or by selecting continuous users by dragging the mouse, and then click [Release].
  • To release locked out PCs, click the (Release PC Lockout) icon in the [Administration Tools/User Administration] window, and perform the same operation.
    Unlocked PCs can be used again by logging into the software from that PC.

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