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  • No : 7094
  • Date of Issue : 2021/10/07 09:06
  • Last Updated : 2022/01/21 15:10
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New Projects (LabSolutions DB/CS)


1. Double-click the (Project Administration) icon in the [Administration] sub-window in the [LabSolutions Main] window.
2. Click [Add].
3. Set each item, and click [Next].
  (1) Enter the project name.
  (2) When selection of the electronic recording/electronic signatures (ER/ES) compatible mode is set for each project, select the mode at this step.
    NOTE: On the entire LabSolutions system,
      • This item is not displayed when the mode is not the ER/ES mode.
      • This item can not be changed with the checkbox selected when the mode is the ER/ES mode.
  (3) If necessary, enter a description of the project.
  (4) Select this checkbox to copy meta files or system information from other projects to create a new project.
  (5) When the checkbox in step 4 is selected, select the copy source project here to select the checkboxes for the items to be copied.
  (6) To set the security policies of a project and make project settings (rounding of numbers/number of displayed digits, analysis printer settings), click these buttons and set the required items in the displayed sub-windows.
    NOTE: When [Prohibit setup policy in a project] is selected in the security policies for the entire LabSolutions system, [Security Policy] in this sub-window is disabled.
4. Set the users belonging to the project, and click [Next].
  (1) Select this checkbox when registering all users to the project.
  (2) Either double-click the users or user group one at a time at [User List], or select multiple users with the [Ctrl] key on the keyboard held down and then click [Add].
  (3) The selected users or user groups move to the [Selected Users] list.
  (4) Likewise, to return users from the [Selected Users] list to [User List], either double-click the user in the [Selected Users] list or select the user and click [Remove].
  (5) To change the operation rights of selected users in projects, set in the sub-window displayed by clicking this button.
5. Set the analytical instrument to be used in the project, and click [Next].
  (1) Select this checkbox when registering all analytical instruments to the project.
  (2) Either double-click the analytical instruments to be used in the project one at a time at [Instrument
List], or select multiple instruments with the [Ctrl] key on the keyboard held down and then click [Add].
    The selected instruments move to the [Selected Instruments] list.
    Likewise, to return instruments from the [Selected Instruments] list to [Instrument List], either doubleclick the instrument in the [Selected Instruments] list or select the instrument and click [Remove].
6. Check the settings, and click [Finish].
  The project is made.
  To perform data acquisition or data analysis using the newly made project, select the project from the [Project] list in the [LabSolutions Main] window.

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