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  • No : 6787
  • Date of Issue : 2021/08/19 10:14
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(ICPS) E1, E2, E3 error (Auto sampler: AS-9)

(ICPS) E1, E2, E3 error (Auto sampler: AS-9)
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E1: A moving erroe of X-axis
E2: A moving erroe of Y-axis
E3: A moving erroe of Z-axis
If above error indication appeared, it is a movement error of X, Y, Z-axis.
Push Power ON switch (POWER ON) once more and plug in and please repair a power supplu after power OFF switch (POWER OFF) is pushed and a power supply is turned off at once.
Plese contact a Shimadzu sales or service representative when the same indication appears and dose not move.

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