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  • No : 6782
  • Date of Issue : 2021/08/19 09:36
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(ICPS) Spectrum intensity much lowers.


・ Deposit adheres the tip of the nebulizer.
・ Deterioration of the nebulizer
・ Deterioration of the sample suction tube
・ Bubble is found into the sample suction tube, and sample suction volume is decreased.
・ The sample suction tube is incorrectly inserted into the nebulizer.
・ Contamination of the tip of the torch center orifice
・ The tip of the torch center orifice is melted.
・ The inner diameter of the torch center orifice is changed.
Click here for "Check and Replacement of Glassware".

・ Contamination on the condensing lens
Click here for "Cleaning of Condensing Lens".
・ Foreign matter on the orifice ASSY center (during axial view)
Click here for "Cleaning of Orifice for Axial Observation(ICPS-7510)".
・ Contamination on the mirror ASSY (during radial view)
Click here for "Cleaning of Folding Mirror for Axial Observation(ICPS-7510)".
・ Water can not be drained because the drain is broken.
Replace the drain.
Click here for "Waste Liquid Tank".

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