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(ICPS) Cleaning of Folding Mirror for Axial Observation(ICPS-7510)

(ICPS) Cleaning of Folding Mirror for Axial Observation(ICPS-7510)
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WARNING: You may get a burn. Before starting the procedures below, turn OFF the plasma and wait until the water cooled jacket is cooled sufficiently (at least 3 minutes after extinguishment of the plasma).
1) Remove the nut to detach the mirror holder from the water cooled jacket.
2) Clean the mirror mounted on the mirror holder with a piece of gauze moistened with alcohol.
  NOTE: Be careful not to damage the mirror.
3) After cleaning the mirror, insert the mirror holder into the water cooled jacket.
4) Check that the pin of the mirro is touching the notch of the water cooled jacket (the right edge of the notch) and then secure the mirror holder with the nut.

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