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  • No : 6062
  • Date of Issue : 2021/05/18 15:33
  • Last Updated : 2021/06/16 09:20
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AOC-20s vial setting error[Error Code:6018]

The following causes are possible.
• A vial in the handover position was not removed before starting analysis.
• Grip was not firm enough. Vial dropped when it was being lifted.
• Vial hit an obstacle during transport and ended up dropping.
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Check and perform the following.
• Check for any vial left from the previous sampling.
• Redo the teaching using the vial to be used for actual analysis.
   [In case of AOC-30i]
   [In case of AOC-20i]
• Perform a transport test (in case of AOC-30i).

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