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  • No : 5306
  • Date of Issue : 2021/03/26 12:00
  • Last Updated : 2022/07/07 11:10
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(AA) The line search / beam balancing failed

(AA) The line search / beam balancing failed.(AA-7800/7000 series)
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Cause1: There is something blocking the light path in the atomizer.
Corrective Action1: If there is something blocking the light path, remove it.
Cause2: Either the hollow cathode lamp for the target element has not been installed, or it has been installed in a socket that differs from the analysis conditions.
Corrective Action2: Correctly install the hollow cathode lamp for the target element. Click here for Replacing the Hollow Cathode Lamp
Cause3: The window plates at left and right of the burner compartment are soiled.
Corrective Action3: Wipe off the soiling with a soft cloth moistened with alcohol.
Cause4: The slit width setting is not appropriate.
Corrective Action4: Change the slit width to suit the target element by referring to the standard analysis conditions.
Cause5: The lamp current value setting is not appropriate.
Corrective Action5: Set the lamp current value that is appropriate for the target element by referring to the standard analysis conditions.
Cause6: The lamp mode has been set to BGCD2 for an element that does not have an analysis line in the wavelength range for which background compensation using the deuterium lamp is possible (185 to 430 nm).
Corrective Action6: Set the lamp mode to NON-BGC or BGC-SR (a hollow cathode tube compatible with the SR method is required).
Cause7: The wavelength memory setting is not appropriate.
Corrective Action7: Clear the wavelength memory setting.
Cause8: The lit time of the hollow cathode lamp has exceeded the cumulative life time of the lamp. The deuterium lamp is not lit.
Corrective Action8: Replace the deuterium lamp. Click here for Replacing the Deuterium Lamp
Cause9: The lit time of the hollow cathode lamp has exceeded the cumulative life time of the lamp. The hollow cathode lamp does not light.
Corrective Action9: Replace the hollow cathode lamp. Click here for Replacing the Hollow Cathode Lamp

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