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FAQ within [ Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy(AA) ]

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  • (AA) ASC, Cleaning the Syringe

    The syringe may be dismounted for cleaning of its inside wall using the following procedure. 1. Remove the rinse liquid intake tube from the rinse liqui... Show Detail

    • No:5429
    • Displayed Date:2021/04/05 09:28
    • Updated DTM:2021/04/13 09:12
  • (AA) ASC, Rinsing the ASC Nozzle Flow...

    Contamination of the inside wall of the PTFE tube, the inside wall of the syringe, the plunger tip and liquidcontact surfaces of the solenoid valve are likel... Show Detail

    • No:5426
    • Displayed Date:2021/04/05 09:25
    • Updated DTM:2021/04/13 08:48
  • (AA) ASC, Replacing PTFE Tube for Noz...

    Parts Number:016-37551PTFE tube, 0.60×0.25 When the nozzle ASSY, G for furnace measurement has been used for a long time, the tip of the PTFE tube for... Show Detail

    • No:5423
    • Displayed Date:2021/04/05 09:24
    • Updated DTM:2021/04/13 08:50
  • (AA) ASC, Replacement of Peristaltic ...

    Parts Number:042-00405-24Pump tube Parts Number:042-00405-11Pump head When the flow rate of peristaltic pump is decreased, replace the pump tube wi... Show Detail

    • No:5420
    • Displayed Date:2021/04/05 09:17
    • Updated DTM:2021/04/13 08:51
  • (AA) ASC, Replacing Pipet Tip

    Parts Number: 046-00308-02Pipet tip When the pipet tip for furnace / flame micro sampling measurement has been used for a long time, the pipet tipand ... Show Detail

    • No:5419
    • Displayed Date:2021/04/05 09:12
    • Updated DTM:2021/04/13 08:52
  • (AA) ASC, Change the Syringes

    Parts Number:208-97211-01 Syringe (Capacity 250 μL) Parts Number:046-00043-15 Tip, TEF025 Select [Instrument] - [Maintenance] - [ASC Maintenanc... Show Detail

    • No:5416
    • Displayed Date:2021/03/31 14:42
    • Updated DTM:2021/04/13 08:53
  • (AA) GFA, Replacing the Graphite Tube

    WARNING:Immediately after heating the graphite tube is hot, so leave it for at least 3 minutes to cool beforeremoving it. If you touch the graphite tube imm... Show Detail

    • No:5431
    • Displayed Date:2021/03/31 13:50
    • Updated DTM:2021/04/13 09:02
    • Brached FAQ
  • (AA) ASC, Nozzle Position Adjustment

    1. If the sampler has been installed on the slide, slide the slide to the left side. 2. Set the turntable for use with the flame method. 3. Execute [In... Show Detail

    • No:5412
    • Displayed Date:2021/03/31 13:39
    • Updated DTM:2021/04/13 08:54
    • Brached FAQ
  • (AA) ASC, Mounting the Nozzle

    Nozzle ASSY, F is the intake nozzle for flame continuous measurement. Be sure to use this nozzle whenperforming flame continuous measurement. NOTE:Tak... Show Detail

    • No:5411
    • Displayed Date:2021/03/31 13:26
    • Updated DTM:2021/04/13 08:55
    • Brached FAQ
  • (AA) GFA, Cleaning the Cooling Water ...

    If dirt in the cooling water collects in the filter element, a cooling water error will occur. In this case, use the followingprocedure to clean the filter e... Show Detail

    • No:5438
    • Displayed Date:2021/03/31 11:55
    • Updated DTM:2021/10/01 14:53

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