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  • No : 5265
  • Date of Issue : 2021/03/26 11:37
  • Last Updated : 2022/07/07 11:07
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(AA) Failure to Ignite

(AA) Failure to Ignite
When it is not possible to ignite the flame of the AA-7800F,7000F or AA-7800F/AAC,7000F/AAC, take the following corrective action in accordance with the symptoms as follows.
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Symptom1: Nothing happens in response to the ignition operation. No error message is displayed.
Cause / Details / Checking Method / Corrective Action
  • Either communications between the instrument and the PC are OFF or the instrument's power is OFF.
    Check the power switch and indicator at the bottom right of the front of the instrument.
    Turn the power switch ON. Select [Instrument] - [Connect] from the WizAArd menu to complete initialization.
  • Gas leakage detection is being executed.
    The status on the [Gas Controller Status] dialog box is [Checking]. The remaining time for gas leakage detection is indicated by the status bar display.
    Wait until the gas leakage inspection is completed.
  • The gas leakage inspection has produced an [NG] result.
    The indication on the [Gas Controller Status] dialog box is [Gas leak was found!!]. [NG] is indicated for the gas leakage inspection in the status bar display.
    Stop using the instrument and contact your Shimadzu representative.
Symptom2: The pilot flame establishes, but the burner goes out immediately after igniting. Only the following error message is displayed: [Fuel gas pressure is too low].
Cause / Details / Checking Method / Corrective Action
  • The supply pressure of the fuel gas is actually low.
    Ignition will be possible if the supply pressure of the fuel gas is increased.
    Check if the supply pressure of the fuel gas is 0.09 MPa. It is necessary that this set pressure is maintained while the gas is flowing.
Symptom3: The pilot flame establishes but it is difficult to get the burner to ignite. When ignition fails, the message "Flame has been extinguished." is displayed.
Cause / Details / Checking Method / Corrective Action
  • The ratio of fuel gas in the mixture is too low and the flame blows out.
    Ignition will be possible if the flow rate of fuel gas is increased.
    Increase the flow rate of the fuel gas, ignite the flame, then decrease the flow rate later.
  • The pilot flame is too small to reach the burner.
    The flame is actually too small.
    Adjust the pilot flame.
Symptom4: The pilot flame fails to establish. Gas is flowing. When ignition fails, the message "Flame has been extinguished." is displayed.
Cause / Details / Checking Method / Corrective Action
  • The igniter has failed.
    The igniter does not discharge.
    Repair the igniter.
  • The electromagnetic valve for the pilot has failed.
    The igniter does discharge but no pilot flame is generated.
    Repair the electromagnetic valve for the pilot.

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