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  • Date of Issue : 2021/03/24 10:53
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(AA) Replacing the Deuterium Lamp (AA-7800/7000 series)

(AA) Replacing the Deuterium Lamp (AA-7800/7000 series)
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WARNING: Wait at least 30 minutes after turning the D2 lamp off before replacing the lamp. Otherwise you could be burned.
  • Handle the new lamp using gloves so as not to leave fingerprints on the light beam window. Otherwise, the window is stained with the fingerprints when it is hot, and as the result the light transmission will be reduced. If contaminated, clean it with alcohol or the like.
  • When detaching or attaching the cover of the deuterium lamp house, be very careful not to hit the protruding upper edge of the deuterium lamp against the cover rear side. It may cause a vacuum leak of the bulb.
1. Replacing Deuterium Lamp
  1) Turn the connection between the PC and the instrument OFF.
  2) Click [Instrument] - [Lamp History] on the WizAArd screen.
    NOTE: In the software figure below, the back color etc. may differ depending on the OS etc.
  3) If there is no check mark in the [Lock] column for the deuterium lamp (D2), enter a check mark and then click the number "1" at the left hand end to highlight the relevant row.
  4) Click [Clear].
  5) When the message "The operator is about to set lamp usage time to zero. Are you sure?" is displayed, click [Yes].
  6) Check that the [Used Time] of the changed lamp is [0], then click [OK] on the [Lamp History] dialog box.
  7) As shown below, remove the two screws to detach the lamp cover. When the cover is removed, the deuterium lamp will appear.
    • AA-7800 series
    • AA-7000 series
  8) Pull the deuterium lamp slowly upward and out of its socket.
  9) Insert a new deuterium lamp into the socket. Check that the plastic part of the electrode makes tight contact with that of the lamp socket.
2. Adjusting Position of Deuterium Lamp
  1) Loosen the 2 fixing screws.
  2) Turn on the power of the instrument.
  3) Start up the PC software and select [Instrument]-[Connect] from the menu to make the connection for communication with the instrument.
  4) Select an element that you usually use, and measurement methods (flame continuous method, flame micro sampling method and furnace method).
  5) Select [Instrument]-[Maintenance]-[D2 Lamp Position] from the menu. The message "D2 lamp position adjustment procedure is going to start. Please adjust D2 lamp position roughly first." is displayed.
  6) Set the deuterium lamp to almost center with the adjusting screw.
  7) Click on [OK] and close the lamp cover.
  8) Next, the deuterium lamp intensity in absorbance is displayed in [D2 Lamp Adjustment] dialog box. Adjust the position using the adjusting knob so that the indicated value may become minimum.
    NOTE: Immediately after the lamp has been on, the baseline may not be stable. If this is the case, wait until the baseline has stabilized and then carry out position adjustment.
  9) Tighten the 2 deuterium lamp fixing screws, and click on [OK] to close the [D2 Lamp Adjustment] dialog box.
    NOTE: After replacing the deuterium lamp, exit the PC software and turn off the power to the instrument.

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