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  • Displayed Date : 2021/01/25 11:36
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(UV) Sipper160 Rinsing Flow Cells

(UV) Sipper160 Rinsing Flow Cells
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After measurement is completed, rinse the flow cell with distilled water or detergent each time.
For detergent, use liquid types as shown in the instruction manual.
After rinsing the flow cell, turn OFF the power to the UV with the flow cell inside filled with distilled water. If the inside of the flow cell is dried, the inner wall of the cell may be contaminated with dirt, and as a result bubbles may easily occur.
NOTE: When using clinical samples, never forget to rinse the flow cell after daily use. Otherwise, fibrous impurities, often contained in such samples, may be solidified in the flow cell, and cause poor measurement repeatability.
Dilute concentration: Used in about 2 %

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