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(RF) Sipper6000 Tube Replacement

(RF) Sipper6000 Tube Replacement
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The tube for the peristaltic pump is a consumable item. The tube life varies depending on chemicals and conditions for sipping.
As a guideline, replace the tube after about 24 hours of total use. Note that the tubes used for peristaltic pump of this Sipper are made of special polyvinyl chloride. Since other tubes such as silicone tube and Tigon tube cannot be used, be sure to use the PVC tubes provided with this Sipper.
1. Prior to the tube replacement, completely purge the liquid inside the tube by repeating air purging sufficient times without suctioning any samples.
2. Remove the suction cover.
3. Remove the PVC tube connected to the pump head from the fitting B side.
  NOTE: The tube can be easily pulled off if you rotate the rotor clockwise by hand.
4. Remove the PVC tube from the fitting, and attach a new PVC tube previously cut into 105 mm in length.
  Parts Number: 200-54565-02  Tube(ID ø3 x OD ø5)
5. Insert the fitting A into the pump head, mount the PVC tube into the gap between the rotor and pump head while pulling it by hand, and finally insert the fitting B into the pump head.
  NOTE: The tube can be easily mounted if you rotate the rotor counterclockwise by hand.
6. After replacing the tube, manually rotate the rotor counterclockwise a few turns to confirm that the tube is securely pressed flat between the rotor and the pump head.
7. Install the suction cover.
  • If the Sipper is not used over an extended period (a week or longer), leave it in the condition in Step 3, then the tube will not be deformed. In this case, however, make sure that the Sipper has been cleaned completely. Otherwise, the cell inside will be contaminated with dried dirt.
  • If the tube sticks out between the rotor and the pump head, the sample suction volume repeatability will be degraded, or the sample may flow back and drip off out of the suction inlet.

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