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FAQ within [ Fluorescence Spectroscopy(RF) ]

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  • (RF) Sipper6000 Rinsing Flow Cells

    After measurement is completed, rinse the flow cell with distilled water or detergent each time. After rinsing the flow cell, turn OFF the power to the RF-60... Show Detail

    • No:4888
    • Date of Issue:2021/01/25 11:36
    • Last Updated:2021/03/16 16:07
  • (RF) Sipper6000 Tube Replacement

    The tube for the peristaltic pump is a consumable item. The tube life varies depending on chemicals and conditions for sipping. As a guideline, replace the ... Show Detail

    • No:4887
    • Date of Issue:2021/01/25 11:31
  • (RF) RF-6000 Air filter replacement

    Air filters are installed on the bottom of the instrument at the front right and on the left side of the instrument. Parts Number: 228-51147 Air filter ... Show Detail

    • No:4886
    • Date of Issue:2021/01/15 15:35
  • (RF) RF-5300(PC) Sensitivity calibration method

    The sensitivity of the instrument is calibrated according to the Raman peak obtained with distilled water. 1) Select [Spectrum] from the "Acquire Mode" me... Show Detail

    • No:4885
    • Date of Issue:2021/01/15 15:18
  • (RF) Consumables (Cell)

    Show Detail

    • No:6285
    • Date of Issue:2021/01/15 14:43
    • Last Updated:2023/06/08 16:22
  • (RF) Consumables (Lamp)

    Click here for Replacing the Xenon Arc Lamp. Show Detail

    • No:4883
    • Date of Issue:2021/01/15 14:43
    • Last Updated:2023/06/08 16:30
  • (RF) Replacing the Xenon Arc Lamp

    CAUTION: Replace the xenon arc lamp when the cumulative operating time of the lamp has exceeded 2,000 hours. The xenon arc lamp may explode if it used passe... Show Detail

    • No:4884
    • Date of Issue:2021/01/15 14:41
    • Last Updated:2021/06/08 13:42
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