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(RF) RF-5300(PC) Sensitivity calibration method

(RF) RF-5300(PC) Sensitivity calibration method
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The sensitivity of the instrument is calibrated according to the Raman peak obtained with distilled water.
1) Select [Spectrum] from the "Acquire Mode" menu. Then select [Parameters] and set the parameters as follows.
  Select [Instrument] from the "Configure" menu and set the parameters as follows.
2) Load a cell containing distilled water into the cell holder, and close the lid.
3) Click the <Go to WL> button (at the bottom of the screen). Select 450 nm as the emission wavelength, and click the <Auto Zero> button. Now, click the <Start> button to start the measurement. The resultant spectral pattern will appear as shown below.
4) Press the right button on the mouse. From the menu displayed, select [Cross Hair] and then the Display command from the submenu. A cross hair cursor for reading the data will appear. Using this cursor, obtain the peak wavelength (approx. 397 nm) and peak intensity value from the Raman spectrum.
5) When the peak value falls within the range of 10 ± 2, no further adjustment (steps below) is needed. If, however, the peak intensity is outside this range, adjust the uppermost trimmer (VR0) of the three trimmers on the rear of the instrument.
  NOTE: The trimmers other than VR0 (VR1 and VR2) have been factory-set. Do not adjust them.
6) Repeat steps 3 and 4 above, to obtain the peak value.
7) Repeat steps 3 to 6 until the peak intensity falls within the specified range (10 ± 2).

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