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(HPLC) Checking the flow rate

(HPLC) Checking the flow rate
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1. Connect the resister tube(Example: ID0.1x4m: Parts Number: 228-32722-92) to the pump outlet instead of HPLC column.
2. Fill the reservoir with purified water to replace the mobile phase in the flow line.
3. Display [COMP] in the [PARAMETER] group, record the current setting value, and then set the value to "0.45".
4. Set the flow rate to measure (eg 1 mL/min).
5. Example; For a measuring cylinder
  a) Bring the end of the tube into contact with the cylinder wall.
  b) Determine a suitable water level inside the cylinder at which the water reaches the determined start level.
  c) Stop the stopwatch when the water is pooled 5mL.
    NOTE: It is also possible to fix the measurement time to 2 minutes and obtain the flow rate accuracy from the weight difference before and after.
6. When you want to correct the flow rate
  a) Display [FLOW COMP FACT](ALPHA) in the [CARIBRATION] group.
  b) To increase the flow rate, input the value obtained by adding the increment (%) to the current value. To reduce the flow rate, input the value obtained by subtracting the decrement from the current value.
    Example; the measured flow rate is 1.45% less than the set flow rate and the current flow rate correction parameter is 5.00, calculate 5.00+1.45=6.45 and input the result to increase the actual flow rate by approximately 1.45%.
7. After finishing, return the setting value of [COMP] to the original value by the same procedure as in 3.

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