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(GCMS) Daily Startup and Shutdown

(GCMS) Daily Startup and Shutdown
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GCMS-QP2010 series


When the instrument is used daily, the vacuum system should be left running after each use rather than shutting down and restarting it so that the proper analysis conditions can be met more quickly. This section outlines the daily shutdown procedure when the vacuum system is left running.
1. Daily Shutdown
  1) Select Daily Shutdown from the Tools menu to open the "Daily Shutdown" dialog box.
  2) Enter the desired settings for the equipment in use on the Line 1 and General tab, etc.
  3) Click the Shutdown button. The "Daily Shutdown" dialog box closes. The instrument will remain running according to the parameters entered in this window.
  4) Exit Windows.
  5) Turn off the computer, monitor and printer.
    NOTE: Do not turn off the GC or MS.
    Do not turn off the main power supply.
    Do not change the GC column inlet pressure to 0.
2. Daily Startup
  Follow the procedure below when the vacuum system is already running, as when the daily shutdown procedure has been performed.
  1) Turn on the computer, monitor and printer, and start Windows.
  2) Double-click the GCMS Real Time Analysis icon. The "Login" dialog box is displayed.
  3) Enter your user name and password, and click OK. The GCMSsolution software starts up, and the "GCMS Real Time Analysis" window is displayed.

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