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(LC) When Not Using the Instrument for a Long Time(pH monitor)

(LC) When Not Using the Instrument for a Long Time(pH monitor)
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When not using the instrument for a long time, turn off the power to the instrument and then perform the following procedure.
• Fill the flow cell with a sufficient replacement water.
• Empty purified water out of the flow cell with a syringe, etc. and then install the supplied plugs to the cell inlet connector and the cell outlet connector. Alternatively, remove the pH electrode from the flow cell, and then install the dedicated cap for the pH electrode.
  Before installing the dedicated cap to the pH electrode, rinse the inside of the cap with purified water, dry it, and then replenish it with some purified water so that the sponge in the cap is dampened with the water.
« Using an Organic Solvent with the System including This Instrument »
You cannot use any organic solvent with the pH electrode of this instrument. When using a mobile phase or sample that contains an organic solvent with a system including this instrument, and after storing the electrode, either connect the detector outlet tube (A) to the autosampler's waste line or to this instrument's drain tube (B) using the connector (part number: 228-50602). The detector outlet tube and this instrument's drain tube can be fixed using the clamp (C).

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