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(AGX-V) Attaching Compression Test Jigs

(AGX-V) Attaching Compression Test Jigs
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1. Screw the compression load jig (2) into the load cell (1).
2. Loosen the set screw for the compression load jig temporarily and insert the upper compression plate (3).
3. Fit the boss of the lower compression plate (5) into the jig mounting surface (6).
4. With the upper compression plate (3) in intimate contact with the lower compression plate (4), tighten the set screw.
• Screw in the compression load jig until the top surface of the load jig comes into contact with the bottom surface of the load cell.
• Tighten the set bolt for the compression load jig with the top surface of the compression plate in contact with the compression load jig.

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