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(AGX-V) Attaching a Specimen

(AGX-V) Attaching a Specimen
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1. Insert a specimen (3) in between the upper grip faces (2).
2. Rotate the upper grip lever (1) and fix the specimen (3). Fasten with both hands.
3. Execute zero reset on the operation screen of the smart controller to reset test force to zero.
4. Insert the specimen in between the lower grips (1) in the jog operation.
  Click here for "(AGX-V) Moving the Crosshead".
5. Rotate the lower grip lever (2) and fix the specimen. Fasten with both hands.
  NOTE: Be careful to prevent the specimen from colliding with the lower grips in the jog operation.
NOTE: Removing Initial Test Force
  When the lower grips are tightened, force in compression direction (initial test force) may be applied to the specimen. In this case, test force is not 0 when a test is started and so move the crosshead to a position where test force is 0 in the jog operation before starting a test.

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