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(LCMS) Viewing Detailed Actions or Results for System Check - MS Check

(LCMS) Viewing Detailed Actions or Results for System Check - MS Check
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This content is for LCMS-2050.
The following describes how to view detailed actions or results from using the [System Check]-[MS Check] function, particularly functions for automatically checking or determining the status of MS detectors (mass axis shift, FWHM, or intensity).
« Overview »
If [System Check] is executed with either [Difference], [FWHM], or [Intensity] selected for [MS Check], then the standard sample is automatically injected into the MS unit and measured and the results are compared to pass/fail criteria values to determine the pass/fail result.
Some settings enable additional automatic autotuning actions based on the pass/fail results.
Note: For instructions on changing criteria values for [Difference], [FWHM], or [Intensity], refer to Changing the System Check Pass/Fail Criteria.
  click here for "(LCMS) Changing the System Check Pass/Fail Criteria".
« Masses Checked by MS Check Pass/Fail Determination »
Note: “(+)” indicates the positive ionization mode and “(-)” the negative ionization mode.
Note: Autotuning abbreviated “AT” below.
« Differences in Actions for Each AT Setting »
« Interpreting Results »
→ The interface electric current value during MS check is displayed as reference information.
→ Mass axis shift, FWHM, and intensity results are displayed for each mass checked. If a result fails to satisfy a criterion, the corresponding parameter (mass axis shift, FWHM, or intensity) is also displayed.
  If results from before and after AT are available ([Differences in Actions for Each AT Setting] field is highlighted with a background color), then results are displayed for both before and after AT.
→ Displays the criterion value and autotuning setting when MS check was executed.
  “– –” is displayed in the criterion value field for parameters that are not selected.
→ Displays the last date/time AT was executed. Sample type and mode information is shown for reference purposes.
Detailed results are shown below.

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