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(LCMS) Displaying MS Chromatograms

(LCMS) Displaying MS Chromatograms
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Right-click on the [Chromatogram View] in the [MS Data Analysis] window and then click [Data View Parameters] on the menu (or on the toolbar).
Click the [Chromatogram Table] tab.
(1) Switch between TIC, BPC, and MIC displays.
(2) Specify the MC display.
Scan events can be specified based on the molecular weight and adduct ion.
For SIM events, m/z values must be specified individually or a TIC is displayed (with all adducts calculated).
To overlay all chromatograms, right-click on [Chromatogram View] and then click [View Each Segment]-[Overlay] on the menu.
[Stack]: Displays each chromatogram in a separate window.
[Single]: Displays only one chromatogram.
Select either of the above to switch between display modes.
In the [Single] mode, the arrow buttons for the upper-right chromatogram can be used to switch between the chromatograms to display.
In the overlaid mode, the zero-intensity position can be displayed offset by clicking [Base Shift] on the right-click menu.

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