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  • Date of Issue : 2022/01/24 16:10
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(LCMS) If LabSolutions Can’t Connect with the Instrument

(LCMS) If LabSolutions Can’t Connect with the Instrument
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In the [LabSolutions Main] window, double-click the instrument icon. If a “The instrument is not connected, or is already in use.” message is displayed, check the following details.
If there are no problems, in the [Realtime Analysis] program, click the [System Configuration] icon on the [Main] assistant bar, and in the [System Configuration] sub-window, click [OK]. The instrument will be reconnected to the system.
• All units in the system must be ON.
• For the LC-40 series and the LCMS-2050, the power switch on the back must be ON.
• There must be no other PCs connected to the system.

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