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(SALD) Dry measurement case(SALD-DC23) Install/Operation

(SALD) Dry measurement case(SALD-DC23) Install/Operation
SALD-DC23: Dry measurement case for SALD-2300
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1. Connect the sensor code to the connector on the wall of measurement room.
2. Remove the sensor unit from SALD-2300.
3. Remove the tube holder.
4. Install the dry measurement case.
5. Insert the nozzle of dry measurement unit into the nozzle hole of dry measurement case.
6. Measurement is controlled from PC software “WingSALDII”. (Refer the WingSALDII instruction manual.)
7. If you remove the dry measurement case, push the release button and remove the case.
NOTE: Adjust the allinment of optical system when you change the cell.(from dry measurement case to other cell, or from other cell to dry measurement case)

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