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Set the Audit Trail Log in Method Files, Batch Files and Report Format Files (LabSolutions DB/CS)

Set the Audit Trail Log in Method Files, Batch Files and Report Format Files
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This section describes the setup for attaching an audit trail log to method files in the [Data Acquisition] window.
1. Click [Method File Properties] on the [File] menu in the [Data Acquisition] window.

2. Click the [Audit Trail] tab, set each item, and click [OK].
  (1) Select [Save change history in the file.].
  (2) Select [Input reason when saving file.] to require a comment (e.g. reason for the change) be entered each time that a change is saved.
    Select [Do not prompt for reason.] to create a log that contains only the date of the change, and the name of user who made the change.
When the method file parameters are changed, a history of changes are saved in the method file as an audit trail log.
In the same manner, the history of changes made to the instrument parameters and data processing parameters are also saved to their respective files.
  • Once an audit trail log is attached to a file, it cannot be canceled. This feature assures the integrity of the history logs.
  • The audit trail settings cannot be made to “Untitled” files. First save the new file, then change these settings.

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