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(TOC) Conductivity Measurement of Unknown Samples (TOC-1000e)

(TOC) Conductivity Measurement of Unknown Samples (TOC-1000e)
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On the TOC-1000e, you can select either conductivity without temperature correction [mS/cm (Cond.)], conductivity with temperature correction [mS/cm C (Cond.)], or resistivity with temperature correction [MΩ-cm (Resist.)].
Click here for "Setting the Display Units and Measurement Value Alarms".
HINT: You can set the temperature correction coefficient for the temperature-corrected conductivity on the "[Meas. Cond.] Screen".
Click here for "Setting the Measurement Conditions".
« Temperature correction coefficient when measuring unknown samples »
• When [Ultra Pure Water] is selected for [Conductivity Mode-Sample], the instrument automatically selects a correction coefficient based on the sample temperature at the time of measurement.
  The correction coefficient based on temperature is determined using ASTM D1125 as reference.
• When [Other] is selected for [Conductivity Mode-Sample], the coefficient entered in [Conductivity Mode-Coefficient] is used as α in the above equation to calculate the conductivity with temperature correction or resistivity with temperature correction.
HINT: As reference, some of the temperature correction coefficients that may be selected by the instrument when [Ultra Pure Water] is selected are listed below. The following list is provided only for the purpose of reference. The temperature correction coefficients used in the actual measurements are determined in more detail.

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