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  • No : 5438
  • Date of Issue : 2021/03/31 11:55
  • Last Updated : 2022/07/08 15:38
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(AA) GFA, Cleaning the Cooling Water Filter (element)

(AA) Cleaning the Cooling Water Filter (element) (GFA-7800/7000)
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If dirt in the cooling water collects in the filter element, a cooling water error will occur. In this case, use the following procedure to clean the filter element.
WARNING: When cleaning, make sure to stop the cooling water supply before performing work. Otherwise, accidents may occur.
1. Stop the supply of cooling water.
2. Use the included wrench to remove the bonnet from the body.
3. Remove the filter element from the body while taking care not to damage the gasket.
4. Wash the filter element by running water through the inside.
5. Attach the filter element in its original position.
6. Attach the bonnet.
  Tighten the bonnet by hand first. Once the threaded portion of the body is completely hidden by the bonnet, approximately one more rotation is possible. After that, use the included wrench to tighten the bonnet by about 15 to 20 degrees.
7. Supply the cooling water and check for a leak.
  • If the supply is through a cooling water circulating system, fully open the stopcock once and check for any leaks for 3 minutes. If there is no leak, return the stopcock to its original status.
  • If the supply is from tap water, temporarily raise the supply pressure to 0.15 MPa (or, if not possible, to the maximum pressure). Check for a leak for 3 minutes, and if there is no leak, return the supply pressure to its original status.
    If there is a leak, tighten the bonnet. If the leak persists even after tightening, the gasket may be damaged and will need to be replaced.
WARNING: Securely attach the bonnet. Otherwise, a leak may occur when the cooling water is supplied, resulting in an accident.
CAUTION: When removing the bonnet, prepare a container for catching the cooling water before performing work. Cooling water will drain out.
Part number: 040-22305-34 Filter element
Part number: 040-22305-83 Gasket

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