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  • No : 5423
  • Date of Issue : 2021/04/05 09:24
  • Last Updated : 2022/07/07 13:42
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(AA) ASC, Replacing PTFE Tube for Nozzle ASSY, G (Optional)

(AA) Replacing PTFE Tube for Nozzle ASSY, G (Optional) (ASC-7800/7000)
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Parts Number: 016-37551  PTFE tube, 0.60×0.25
When the nozzle ASSY, G for furnace measurement has been used for a long time, the tip of the PTFE tube for nozzle may be contaminated or folded and that may cause poor reproducibility of measurement. In such cases, replace the PTFE tube according to the following procedure.

1. Remove the nozzle fixing screw attached to the arm, and take out the nozzle from the syringe port.
2. Hold the tip of the PTFE tube for nozzle and pull it out several ten millimeters to the left shown in figure.
3. Cut the straight portion drawn out from the nozzle guide so that the length of the tip may become 25 mm.
  Use a cutter with sharp thin edge and cut the tube regularly and perpendicularly so that the tube may not be crashed.
4. Set the nozzle ASSY, G to the syringe as before.
  When the whole length of the PTFE tube for nozzle becomes less than 500 mm after the procedure 1. and 2. are repeated several times, replace the whole PTFE tube in the procedure on and after 5.
5. Loosen the nut of the joint and pull out the PTFE tube for nozzle.
6 .Set the attached PTFE tube for nozzle to the joint.
7. Remove the stopper tube, plate, O-ring, and fitting from the worn PTFE tube for nozzle, then attach them to new PTFE tube for nozzle.
  NOTE: After the PTFE tube for nozzle has been replaced, make sure that the nozzle tip enters the injection hole of the graphite tube. If it cannot enter, adjust the injection position. Click here for Nozzle Position Adjustment.
  Further, when the tube is replaced, contamination of the tube may affect the measurement value.
  Accordingly, clean the tube; press the [RINSE] button (F10) to rinse the flow line including the nozzle.

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