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  • No : 5420
  • Date of Issue : 2021/04/05 09:17
  • Last Updated : 2022/07/07 13:39
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(AA) ASC, Replacement of Peristaltic Pump Tube

(AA) Replacement of Peristaltic Pump Tube (ASC-7800,7000)
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Parts Number: 042-00405-24  Pump tube
Parts Number: 042-00405-11  Pump head
When the flow rate of peristaltic pump is decreased, replace the pump tube with the following procedure.
1. Open the cover at the front of the controller ASSY.
2. Hold the hooks at right/left sides of the pump head simultaneously with your fingers toward the direction indicated with arrows in figure to pull out the pump head to your side.
3. At the port with the joint, loosen the nut to pull out the connected PTFE tube.
4. Press the hooks at the upper of the pump head to remove the old pump tube.
5. Prepare a new pump tube and trim it to the length of 150 mm. Attach the U-stoppers which have been on the old tube to the new tube. Attach two stoppers 70 mm away from each other.
6. House the new pump tube in the pump head and close the head.
7. Connect PTFE tubes to both ends of the pump tube as they were originally connected and insert the PTFE tube or secure with the joint nut. Be sure to insert the PTFE tube 10 mm or more at the clip fitting.
8. Insert the pump head into the shaft of pump main unit. Push it into until clicking sound is heard.
9. Close the cover as it was originally.

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