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  • No : 5419
  • Date of Issue : 2021/04/05 09:12
  • Last Updated : 2023/12/27 15:41
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(AA) ASC, Replacing Pipet Tip

(AA) Replacing Pipet Tip (ASC-7800/7000)
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Parts Number: 046-00359-01 Pipet tip
When the pipet tip for furnace / flame micro sampling measurement has been used for a long time, the pipet tip and inner wall may be contaminated and reproducibility of measurement may become worse. In such cases, replace the pipet tip according to the following procedure.
1. Remove the pipet tip fixing screw attached to the arm, and take out the pipet tip.
2. Remove the pipet tip from the fitting.
3. Attach new pipet tip to the fitting.
  Take care not to contaminate the head or wall of the pipet tip.
4. Insert the pipet tip attached with the fitting into the arm and fix with the fixing screw.
  NOTE: After the pipet tip has been replaced, make sure that the head of the pipet tip enters the injection hole of the graphite tube. If it cannot enter, adjust the injection position. Click here for Nozzle Position Adjustment.
Further, when the tube is replaced, contamination of the pipet tip may affect the measurement value. Accordingly, clean the pipet tip; press the [RINSE] button (F10) to rinse the flow line including the pipet tip.

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