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  • No : 5416
  • Date of Issue : 2021/03/31 14:42
  • Last Updated : 2022/07/08 09:08
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(AA) ASC, Change the Syringes

(AA) Change the Syringes (ASC-7800/7000)  
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Parts Number: 208-97211-01  Syringe (Capacity 250 μL)
Parts Number: 046-00043-15  Tip, TEF025
Select [Instrument] - [Maintenance] - [ASC Maintenance] - [Change Syringe] to open [Change Syringe].
NOTE: In the software figure below, the back color etc. may differ depending on the OS etc.
1.[Change] Procedure
  1) Click on [Change] in the [Change Syringe] dialog box.
  2) Remove the syringe, and click on [OK].
  3) The plunger moves downward substantially. Mount the syringe filled with distilled water to the instrument.
2. Fill] Procedure
This is used to fill the rinse liquid in the syringe. Use this function after replacing the syringe or when bubbles are present in the syringe.
  1) Click on [Fill] in the [Change Syringe] dialog box.
  2) Check that the tip of the rinse liquid supply tube is immersed in the rinse liquid in the rinse bottle, then click the [Yes] button.
  3) The nozzle rinsing operation is performed automatically and filling is completed.

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