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(FTIR) Suitable Locations and Preparation

(FTIR) Suitable Locations and Preparation
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Operation guarantee temperature range: 10 to 30 ºC, within the temperature fluctuation range ±2 ºC/h
Installation temperature range:
  • IRSpirit / IRXross: 10 to 35 ºC, within the temperature fluctuation range ±2 ºC/h
  • IRAffinity-1S/IRTracer-100: 15 to 30 ºC, within the temperature fluctuation range ±2 ºC/h
Humidity range:
  • IRSpirit / IRXross (KBr window): 20 to 70 %RH, No condensation
  • IRSpirit / IRXross (KRS-5 window): 20 to 90 %RH, No condensation, 10 to 30 ºC
  • IRAffinity-1S/IRTracer-100: 70 %RH or less, No condensation
Vibration: 0.01G max.
  Vibrometer setting value for actual measurement;
  • Measurement mode ACC
  • Frequency range: 3 Hz to 1 kHz
  • Indicator characteristic: EQ PEAK
Sound: Sound pressure: 55 dB max.
  Sound level meter setting value for actual measurement:
  • Frequency correction characteristic = A
  • Time-Weighting characteristic = F
Inclination:The allowable inclination limit of the installation surface is within ±1 degree angle.
Other environment:
  • Avoid installation sites that are exposed to corrosive gases, vapors of organic halides, organic solvents or siloxane, free sulfur, oil mists, or excessive dust.
    This may make it impossible to maintain the product's performance or may shorten the life of the product.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and air steam from an air-conditioning equipment.
  • Do NOT install the product near equipment which generate a strong magnetic or electric field or high-frequency waves.
    Failure to do so may prevent the product from working properly. If the power supply line is subject to noise, add a noise filter.
  • Avoid sharing the same power source with equipment that generates pulsing spike noise.
  • The wall outlet should be near the instrument and easily accessible to ensure the AC power cable position.
  • The usage environment is Pollution Degree 2 stipulated in IEC 60664-1. Note, however, that the conditions in terms of the operating temperature range, operating humidity range and condensation should meet the installation environmental requirements above.
• If the installation environment exceeds the above range, we recommend you to use an air-conditioning equipment.
  Make sure that the air conditioner wind does not hit the instruments directly.
• When the IRSpirit is placed in a narrow place such as a shelf or a glove box, make sure the temperature and humidity around the IRSpirit satisfy the installation environment specification.
• Please avoid using IRSpirit under dew condensation conditions or water spot.

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