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(GCMS) Shutting Down the Instrument

(GCMS) Shutting Down the Instrument
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1. Shut down the vacuum system.
    1) Click the Assistant Bar [Vacuum Control] icon to open the [Vacuum Control] dialog box.
    2) Click the [Auto Shutdown] button.
      The Shutdown indicator flashes, the progress bar is displayed, and the vacuum system shutdown sequence initiates. The various components shut down in sequence, as noted in the progress bar, and when the vacuum system shutdown is completed, "Completed." is displayed.
    3) Click the [Close] button to close the [Vacuum Control] dialog box.
    CAUTION: If the front door of the vacuum housing will be opened after the vacuum system is shut down, loosen the knob on the front door with one turn to the left.
2. Exit GCMSsolution.
    1) Select Exit from the File menu.
      [GCMS Real Time Analysis] program is closed.
3. Turn off the power supply and carrier gas.
    1) Turn off the computer, monitor and printer.
    2) Turn off the GC main power switch.
    3) Turn off the MS power switch.
    4) Close the main valve of the carrier gas cylinder.
    5) Close the main valve of the CID gas cylinder.

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