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FAQ within [ Troubleshooting ]

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  • (LCMS) An error occurred in the high-...

    Cause: The current limiter of the high-pressure power supply was activated. Perform auto-tuning. If the error persists, detailed inspection is necessa... Show Detail

    • No:6911
    • Displayed Date:2021/09/03 14:49
  • (LCMS) The instrument does not connect

    Action1: Check the connection of the USB cable. Try plugging and unplugging the USB cable or changing to a different USB cable. Action2: After checking th... Show Detail

    • No:4775
    • Displayed Date:2021/01/14 11:29
  • LC pump cannot solvent delivery (LCMS)

    It is set to turn on cooperation Nebulizing Gas and Pump. The [Gas Control Mode] tab page is located in the [Setting Options] sub-window. To open this sub... Show Detail

    • No:4743
    • Displayed Date:2021/01/08 13:58
  • The temperature of the DL, heated blo...

    Check if the DL, heater flange, and ionization unit are mounted properly. Click here for replacing the DL. If the problem persists, contact a Shimadzu sa... Show Detail

    • No:4741
    • Displayed Date:2021/01/08 11:24
  • Error [Turbo molecular pump should be...

    Turbo molecular pumps require maintenance every 25,000 hours (about 3 years). Contact a Shimadzu sales or service representative. Show Detail

    • No:3303
    • Displayed Date:2020/11/30 13:31
  • The gas is not flowing according to t...

    «Main Cause» 1. There is a gas leak. 2. The gas is not flowing. «Countermeasure» 1. Check the gas tubing. As a start-of-work inspection, ... Show Detail

    • No:3302
    • Displayed Date:2020/11/30 13:09
  • Auto tuning has failed (LCMS)

    The following causes are possible. 1. The wrong standard sample was used. Click here for Standard Sample information. 2. The standard sampl... Show Detail

    • No:3301
    • Displayed Date:2020/11/26 13:54
  • How to check for ESI Probe position p...

    For some compounds, probe position may give a great influence to sensitivity. If the probe position is out of place, sensitivity fluctuation may become large... Show Detail

    • No:3314
    • Displayed Date:2020/11/19 12:47
  • How to check for ESI PEEK Tube proble...

    Contamination of the PEEK tube of the column outlet and/or the ESI probe will cause adsorption of the sample, which will result in decrease in sensitivity or... Show Detail

    • No:3313
    • Displayed Date:2020/11/13 10:29
  • How to check for Orifice problems (LCMS)

    Contamination of the orifice will cause adsorption of the sample and/or inhibition of ionization. «Confirmation» Overall decrease in sensitivity. In ca... Show Detail

    • No:3312
    • Displayed Date:2020/11/13 10:27

1-10 of Total 19

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