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FAQ within [ Detector ]

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  • (LC) Consumables (Lamp for Detector)

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    • No:6579
    • Displayed Date:2020/08/25 09:38
    • Brached FAQ
  • (LC) Consumables (Flow Cell for Detec...

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    • No:6584
    • Displayed Date:2020/08/25 11:27
    • Brached FAQ
  • Maintenance for i-Series(LC-2030/40/5...

    Click here for (LC) Consumables (Suction Filter (Pump)) Click here for (LC) Consumables (Check Valve) Click here for(LC... Show Detail

    • No:4341
    • Displayed Date:2020/08/25 17:34
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  • How to set the exposure time and how ...

    1. If the LabSolutions analysis program is running, exit the analysis program. 2. Click the (Start) menu to display the list of applications and then cli... Show Detail

    • No:3015
    • Displayed Date:2020/11/09 15:36
  • Cleaning/Replacing the ELSD Nebulizer

    CAUTION: Take sufficient care while handling the nebulizer • Never touch the IN tubing fitting section (B) of the nebulizer. • Replace the nebulizer if it ... Show Detail

    • No:3072
    • Displayed Date:2020/11/11 09:50
  • Cleaning the Interior of the ELSD

    1. Set the temperature to 100°C and flow gas at 350kPa. 2.Pump a suitable mobile phase at 2mL/min. CAUTION: Select a mobile phase in which the analyzed s... Show Detail

    • No:3073
    • Displayed Date:2020/11/11 09:54
    • Updated DTM:2021/01/07 16:32
  • Initial IP address, Log in ID, Pass w...

    · Instruments [CALIBRATION] menu PW: 00000 · CBM-20(lite)/40(lite), SCL-40 IP address: Sub-net mask: Web contro... Show Detail

    • No:4395
    • Displayed Date:2020/11/11 10:50
  • Error Code:[0x9304]

    «Main Cause» There is a fault in the non-volatile memory of the detector or a non-volatile memory write error has occurred. «Countermeasure» Perform calibra... Show Detail

    • No:3403
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/02 16:09
  • Error Code:[0x9321]

    «Main Cause» A liquid leak has occurred in the detector. «Countermeasure» Inspect the detector for liquid leaks, and wipe away any liquids from around the l... Show Detail

    • No:3404
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/02 16:09
  • Error Code:[0x9341]

    «Main Cause» The buffer memory used for transmitting data from the instrument to the workstation is full. «Countermeasure» Check the communication environm... Show Detail

    • No:3405
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/02 16:09

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