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FAQ within [ Autosampler ]

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  • Replacement of Needle Seal (HPLC)

    1. Removing the Front Panel a) From the initial screen, press . The [Z HOME] screenis displayed. b) Press enter. The needle rises to the highe... Show Detail

    • No:4477
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/04 16:01
    • Updated DTM:2021/07/12 10:39
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  • Maintenance for SIL-40 series (Video)

    Consumable Parts Number:228-45707-91 SUS Filter Element « Below are the changes for SIL-40C XSi» • Ring(B) is added to S... Show Detail

    • No:4320
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/03 13:40
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  • Ghost peaking occurs

    Inspect the suction filter for blockage.Also rinse them as described below. 1) Flush with 17 % aqueous phosphate solution for about 30 minutes at a flowra... Show Detail

    • No:4293
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/03 10:52
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  • No peaks are output

    Check the column using known analytical conditions. If the column has deteriorated, replace it. Confirm whether the solvent delivery pump is functioning pr... Show Detail

    • No:4292
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/03 10:49
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  • The peak shape is abnormal

    Check the column using known analytical conditions. If the column has deteriorated, replace it. Connect the tubing correctly. Backflush the high pressure... Show Detail

    • No:4291
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/03 10:46
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  • Peak retention times vary

    Pump 2-propanol to rinse the check valve. However, if a buffer solution is being used, rinse the check valve with purified water first. Then rinse it by pump... Show Detail

    • No:4290
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/03 10:43
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  • The pressure change is large when high pressure valve swi...

    Disassemble and clean the high pressure valve. If disassembled cleaning is not effective, then replace the rotor and stator. Contact a Shimadzu sales or se... Show Detail

    • No:4289
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/03 10:38
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  • There is leakage from the injection port

    Was the autosampler shut down or its power switched OFF? If the autosampler is shut down or its power is switched OFF, it can lose its ability to pres... Show Detail

    • No:4265
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/03 09:24
    • Updated DTM:2021/01/19 12:58
  • The temperature inside the cabinet is at least 10degree-C...

    Did the temperature control function stop? Models with temperature control functionality are designed with higher insulation performance inside the ca... Show Detail

    • No:4264
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/03 09:24
  • The injection action does not occur

    Is [Autosampler Control] set to [Offline] in autosampler [System Setting] settings? Set the [Autosampler Control] setting value to [Online]. Show Detail

    • No:4255
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/03 09:24

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