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FAQ within [ Protein Sequencer(PPSQ) ]

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  • (PPSQ) Sequence estimation

    Calculates the evaluation value as an indicator of peak fluctuations for each amino acid in chromatograms for consecutive cycles. The one with the highest ev... Show Detail

    • No:8451
    • Date of Issue:2022/03/01 13:21
  • (PPSQ) Percent Yield

    Initial percent yield and average repetitive percent yield If the initial percent yield is "a" and the repetitive percent yield is "b", the percent yield "y... Show Detail

    • No:8449
    • Date of Issue:2022/03/01 13:13
  • (PPSQ) Troubleshooting PTH-Amino Acid Analysis (Isocratic...

    « Analysis takes longer to complete» • K is close to I and separation is poor. →The column temperature is too low.: Check the column temperature.(40ºC)... Show Detail

    • No:8429
    • Date of Issue:2022/02/25 13:22
  • (PPSQ) Replacing O-rings

    O-rings are used to seal reagent/solvent bottles and the waste bottle. If the O-ring in a reagent/solvent bottle is cracked or cut, the pressure may decreas... Show Detail

    • No:8427
    • Date of Issue:2022/02/25 12:43
    • Last Updated:2023/12/20 13:16
  • (PPSQ) Analyzing Peptide Samples with PVDF Membranes

    The sequence analysis of a peptide solution sample is usually performed using apolybrene-processed glass fiber disk as the sample support. With a PVDF membra... Show Detail

    • No:8425
    • Date of Issue:2022/02/25 12:35
  • (PPSQ) Samples with a High Salt Content

    If a sample with a high salt content is analyzed with the protein sequencer, thebackground level in the chromatograms obtained may be high or the mobile phas... Show Detail

    • No:8423
    • Date of Issue:2022/02/25 12:29
  • (PPSQ) Pyridylethylation Sequence Schedule

    The isocratic system allows pyridylethylation of cysteine in a PPSQ reactor precedingsequence analysis. The sequence schedule for pyridylethylation is insta... Show Detail

    • No:8421
    • Date of Issue:2022/02/25 11:30
  • (PPSQ) System Shutdown

    When not using the system for a short time, it is sufficient to leave the pump unitpumping at a flow rate of 0.2 to 0.3mL/min and to turn OFF the power to th... Show Detail

    • No:8419
    • Date of Issue:2022/02/25 10:41
    • Brached FAQ
  • (PPSQ) Disassembling/Assembling the Reactor

    1. Remove the inlet tube fixing screw. 2. Loosen the outlet tube fixing screw. NOTE: To Loosen a little is enough. Do not remove it. 3. Rem... Show Detail

    • No:8418
    • Date of Issue:2022/02/25 10:31
    • Brached FAQ
  • (PPSQ) Changing the Number of Analysis

    It's possible to change the number of analyses during the execution of sample analysis. 1. Click [Change Number of Cycles] on the registration frame of th... Show Detail

    • No:8415
    • Date of Issue:2022/02/25 09:06

1-10 of Total 18

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