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  • (EZ-Test) Jog Operations

    [JOG UP]and [JOG DOWN] buttons move the crosshead as long as they are pressed. Thecrosshead stops when the button is released. Pressing the [HIGH SPEED] but... Show Detail

    • No:8041
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/27 14:39
  • (EZ-Test) Maintenance of EZ-Test

    1. Operating Panel [Operation Buttons]:Clean with a slighyly wet soft cloth. [VFD Display]:Clean with a slighyly wet soft cloth. 2. Main Frame [Tabl... Show Detail

    • No:7710
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/20 14:38
  • (EZ-Test) Inspection of Stroke Speed

    1. Display the jog speed setting screen by selecting the [System] - [Jog Speed], and make a note ofthe current jog speed. 2.Set the jog speed to 6mm/min. ... Show Detail

    • No:7707
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/20 14:30
  • (EZ-Test) Inspection of Test Force

    Check wheter the test force is approximately correct or not. 1. Prepare the test force calibration jig. 2. Insert the joint for UJ into the bo ttom... Show Detail

    • No:7705
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/20 14:21
    • Updated DTM:2022/01/20 14:35
  • (EZ-Test) Inspection of Safety Equipment

    1.While pressing a jog button to move the crosshead, press the emergency stop button. 2.The crosshead should stop and not restart, even if the jog button is... Show Detail

    • No:7703
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/20 14:07
    • Brached FAQ
  • (EZ-Test) Attaching Specimens (Bending Test)

    1. Adjust the distance between supports. 2. Place the specimen in the center of thesupports. 3. Use jog operations to move the bendingpunch a little above ... Show Detail

    • No:7701
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/20 13:37
  • (EZ-Test) Setting Crosshead Stroke Limits

    To prevent the crosshead (or attached load cells or jigs) from colliding with anything, secureupper and lower limit collars at respective crosshead upper and... Show Detail

    • No:7699
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/20 13:29
  • (EZ-Test) Attaching Compression and Bending Test Jigs

    « For load cell with 1kN or larger capacity» 1. Attaching the compression load jig Screwtighten the compression loadjig of type (a) or (b) (see the fi... Show Detail

    • No:7697
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/20 11:26
    • Brached FAQ
  • (EZ-Test) Attaching Specimens

    1. Attaching the Specimen CAUTION: Make sure the specimen does not hit the lower grip during jog operations. 1) Insert the specimen at the center of t... Show Detail

    • No:7695
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/20 10:55
  • (EZ-Test) Attaching a Tensile Test Jig

    « Attaching the Upper grip (Non-shift Wedge Type Grips, Screw Type Flat Grips» 1. Screw the tensile joint intothe buttom surface of theload cell. 2.I... Show Detail

    • No:7693
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/20 09:24
    • Brached FAQ

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