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FAQ within [ AGS-X Series ]

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  • (AGS-X) Jog Operations

    [JOG UP]and [JOG DOWN] buttons move the crosshead as long as they are pressed. Thecrosshead stops when the button is released. Pressing the [HIGH SPEED] but... Show Detail

    • No:8040
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/27 14:39
  • (AGS-X) Safety Systems

    Once upper and lower mechanical crosshead limits are set, this feature force stops thecrosshead by shutting OFF the motor drive power if the crosshead exceed... Show Detail

    • No:7934
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/26 14:55
    • Brached FAQ
  • (AGS-X) Attaching Load Cells

    1. Switch the AGS-Xpower OFF. 2. Remove any jigs attached to the load cell. 3. Loosen the two fastener screws on the CAL ca ble conn ector on the right sid... Show Detail

    • No:7932
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/26 09:52
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  • (AGS-X) Emergency (Power Failure) Measures

    If a malfunction occurs, such as the crosshead not stoppinga burning odor being emitted, or apower failure, take the following actions. Then inspect the sys... Show Detail

    • No:7930
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/25 11:25
    • Updated DTM:2022/01/26 10:02
  • (AGS-X) Maintenance of AGS-X series

    1. Operating Panel [Operation Buttons]:Clean with a slighyly wet soft cloth. [VFD Display]:Clean with a slighyly wet soft cloth. 2. Main Frame [Tabl... Show Detail

    • No:8012
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/20 14:38
    • Updated DTM:2022/01/26 14:45
  • (AGS-X) Inspection of Stroke Speed

    1. Display the jog speed setting screen by selecting the [System] - [Jog Speed], and make a note ofthe current jog speed. 2.Set the jog speed to 6mm/min. ... Show Detail

    • No:8010
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/20 14:30
  • (AGS-X) Inspection of Test Force

    Check wheter the test force is approximately correct or not. (The following numbers are examples.) Use a 100N weight for 1kN to 10kN load cells and a 50N... Show Detail

    • No:8008
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/20 14:21
  • (AGS-X) Inspection of Safety Equipment

    1.While pressing a jog button to move the crosshead, press the emergency stop button. 2.The crosshead should stop and not restart, even if the jog button is... Show Detail

    • No:8005
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/20 14:07
    • Brached FAQ
  • (AGS-X) Attaching Specimens (Bending Test)

    1. Adjust the distance between supports. 2. Place the specimen in the center of thesupports. 3. Use jog operations to move the bendingpunch a little above ... Show Detail

    • No:8003
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/20 13:37
  • (AGS-X) Setting Crosshead Stroke Limits

    To prevent the crosshead (or attached load cells or jigs) from colliding with anything, secureupper and lower limit collars at respective crosshead upper and... Show Detail

    • No:8001
    • Displayed Date:2022/01/20 13:29

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